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Flower horoscopeFlower horoscope created on the basis of the division of the Zodiacal circle into 36 parts, i.e. for decades. Each of them has at once two patron planets and its own plant. This horoscope can not be called claiming a complete and detailed description of human characters. Rather, it would be called "the strokes to the portrait". Nevertheless, these small descriptions help us to know ourselves more deeply and thereby improve our lives. In addition, this horoscope can be used for purely applied purposes - for choosing bouquets as a gift.

According to one of the versions, the authors of the flower horoscope are druids, a caste of initiates who possessed special knowledge and made up the known tree horoscope tree horoscope. According to another point of view, the flower horoscope has a synthetic character, i.e. it was based on beliefs not only of the Celts, but also of many other nations, who also believed that in the world of plants we each have our own patron.

Trees, plants, flowers surround us all our lives. According to the beliefs of the Slavs, the flower, under the sign of which you were born, must be picked, dried and carried with you always, then he, as a guardian angel, will protect you from misfortunes, misfortunes and the evil eye. The Slavs, the Celts, the Mayan tribe believed that the person who was born had the character, habits, behavior of any animal, plant or tree.

Each flower makes us different feelings, has only its own, unique charm and character. A list of thirty-six beautiful images of flowers will give you the opportunity to recognize yourself or your friends in the symbolic description of psychological types.

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