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today 22 May 2024 (wednesday)

Holiday - celebration day, established in honor of or in memory of someone, something. In particular, a day or several days, celebrated by the church in memory of religious events or saint. Weekend, free day. Day of joy and celebration. Day of fun and games. The holiday is a special element in the structure of social time. The main function of the festival - the socio-cultural integration of a particular community of people. Different celebrations carry different types of integration.

The purpose of public holidays - rallying citizens around the official leaders. Public holidays there are two levels: organized by the authorities and the individual. The second level is when the public holiday merges with the individual and the people are satisfied with the meal. In the case of the first level of a holiday becomes an additional output.

Religious holidays provide integration of all members of the church around its leadership. Holidays are used in business, pursuing the same goal as the State: to rally consumers around their brands (eg, beer festival). Family holidays act as a uniting family members and relatives.



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