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21-th lunar day

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21-th lunar day: lunar horoscope

Symbol - Mustang, horse, Temple, herd, chariot. A horse is a symbol of endless hope, an active pursuit of a goal, chivalry, honor, duty, sincerity and brotherhood. The chariot points out that the path taken on this day is not chaotic, not meaningless, but fully realized and subordinated to a specific goal. The herd of horses is all the "horsepower" of your body. The body is the chariot, the mind is the charioteer.

This is a very creative and active day. Characterize this day a voluntary sacrifice, courage, fearlessness and rejection of property. Successful group lessons, you can swear fidelity. You have to be fair and honest. On this lunar day, the journey begun, the transition to a new job will be successful. Useful physical exercises and water procedures, as well as time spent in the fresh air.

At this time, you can safely overcome the machinations of ill-wishers and enemies. New contacts and deeds will be successful. The trips will be successful. There will be interesting proposals that will expand the business and improve your financial situation. Good contacts with the authorities, political and public figures will be reflected.

Love and relationships

21 lunar day is very good for lavish wedding celebrations, for a modest check-in, for a first date, and for warm friendly meetings. The only rule that should be observed on this day is not to be left alone. If you do not have the opportunity to arrange a romantic date with your partner, then go to visit your friends, colleagues, or colleagues, or go where you definitely will not be alone, like a theater. The meetings are very good today and they bring a lot of impressions. If you had a first date on the twenty-first lunar day, consider that you were lucky. These relationships often grow into serious ones. The twenty-first lunar day is active, people feel energetic, resolute and assertive. Keep in mind that on this day you are capable of much. On the twenty-first lunar day, we realize the sense of duty and this is a very suitable day for registering a marriage to couples who have lived in unregistered (civil) marriage for a long time.


If you have accumulated a lot of work on the house, which requires considerable physical exertion, then the 21 lunar day is just right to do it all. The power of the Moon today gives us incredible physical strength, and any cases are solved quite easily. Housewives should take note that this is the best day for harvesting products for future use: rolled in the twenty-first lunar day pickles, jams, marinades and compotes will stand for a year and will not lose an excellent taste.

Business and money

A good day: the work is on. It's quite a suitable day for money matters, for solving issues that worry everyone. In the work and implementation of some plans, you can count on the help and support of like-minded people. Collective work, joint solution of problems, drawing up of plans will be very productive. You can get interesting suggestions; successful contacts with the authorities. The best day for those who are looking for work. On this day, you need to send out resumes in batches and run through interviews. It is very good to move to a new job on the twenty-first lunar day, as this is almost a guarantee that you will stay on for a long time and succeed in this workplace. Success will not only change jobs, but also change positions, even a change of profession. You can go on trips and travel. A good day for innovations, reforms and transformations.

The creative projects launched this day will be crowned with success. Started on this day requires attention and support, you can not let it go. Business trips and business trips started on the twenty-first lunar day will be successful. A good day for entrepreneurship, contracting and buying and selling, for trade and procurement of products by conservation. For the success of transactions and businesses, your personal participation and activity is essential. Everything else will follow. One can invent a perpetual motion machine, a time machine and similar technical devices "on the brink of fantasy." Someday they will finally be invented, it is on the 21 lunar day. By the way, this is the best day for the repayment of debts. It is successful for the military, sportsmen, travelers who are going on the road on this day.


The main task of dreams in these days, to show how much your creative energy manifests in life, is it suppressed completely or little expressed. In other aspects, dreams do not matter and rarely come true.


Often recommended water procedures, baths, showers, swimming pools, dousing and body hardening procedures. Good effect on the body physical load, herbal medicine, hygienic procedures and procedures are all to cleanse the body. If you want to part with bad habits, then it's good to start it on the 21 lunar day. The day is associated with blood and with the whole hematopoietic system, so the load on the liver is contraindicated. Especially it is necessary to be cautious with overdoses and abusings, it will be easily poisoned. It is good to conduct blood cleansing procedures, you can drink herbs, raw carrots, cranberries, mountain ash or pomegranates will work well. Physical exercises are best performed outdoors.


Circumcision of hair on the 21st lunar day will give a person greater beauty and will contribute to the growth of well-being.


People born on the 21st lunar day are noble, thirsting for justice. Given the strength, energy, activity, efficiency. Can be externally restrained, but inside very passionate. It is important to develop spiritually. Avoid arrogance and arrogance. Purposefulness and patience will bring good results. Look often into your soul.

Advice: remember that the goal does not always justify the means.

Bathing in the bath

It is recommended for this day to plan a trip to the bath in nature. One of the best bath days for any company.

Stones keepers

Zircon, aventurine, alexandrite.

Conception of the child

A child, conceived on the 21st lunar day, is able to become a real fighter for justice. He can fight for her in many ways, being an expert in any field - politics, medicine, religion, art. Such a person can help other people, be a psychologist, a comforter for them. In such days poets or doctors are born. The former possess the talent to penetrate into the very depths of the human soul, the latter are able to become luminaries in their work. People, conceived on this day, do not like loneliness and enmity. They strive for communication, they have many friends and friends, they like to spend time in noisy companies. Characteristic features of such people - the ability to endure and wait, honor, diligence. The desire for adventure, deeds and risk promises such a person a lot of unpredictable situations and dangers.

Aromatherapy and home scents: Myrrh

Mirra warms, eliminates the confusion of thoughts and confusion of feelings. Clears the aura, stimulates energy growth. The fragrance of Mirra sates with love, opens the heart for love, filling it with the pure energies of the Universe. Helps a person understand the actions of others, accept and forgive, teaches wisdom and prudence. Helps to get rid of egocentrism and dependence. Mirra helps to build a bridge between "heavenly" and "earthly" in man.


The twenty-first lunar day is the most favorable period for creating a family for creative people - poets, actors, artists, musicians and so on. For those who are not connected with creativity - also a good time for weddings. But only it should be interesting, with a lot of jokes, surprises and jokes. If the wedding looks like a usual booze, then the family is doomed to eternal longing for beauty, constant attraction to everyday life and bustle. As in these lunar days the wedding will take place, so the future of the young family will continue to develop. Therefore, let the wedding feast be noisy (but without a fight), joyful and cheerful.


In the twenty first lunar days it is good first of all to buy horses, cars, bicycles, motorcycles and any kinds of transport equipment. Also this is a good time for shopping for camping equipment - rucksacks, flashlights, tents, sleeping bags and other things. Please note that when purchasing goods in this period, you need to fully trust your intuition. This is the time when it is important not what people say to you, not what is written in the advertising leaflets, and not what you read on the forums on the Internet, but what your intuition tells you, your personal feelings about the purchase. If in appearance everything seems fine, but something in you resists buying, then you better refuse to purchase such a product. Intuition rarely fails these days.


Accepting the vow, sacrifice to the gods in priestly practice, any work of the waning moon.

The theme for divination should be the creative aspect of life, in particular, questions relating to art. A great time for prophecy and rethinking your experience in magic.

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