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Category: Horoscopes » Celtic tree (druids') solar horoscope

Oak: celtic tree (druids') solar horoscope

of people born under Oak sign: decisiveness, accuracy in actions, practical mind, realism, observation, talent for organization.

Compatible: Oak, Beech, Cartas, Chestnut & Hornbeam.

Uncompatible: Willow, Hazel, Rowan, Fig & Olive.

Only a single day a year is dedicated to the Oak. The Celtics experienced the Oak as an impressive, strong and robust nature. People like this are found very rarely. Oaks need a lot of space to thrive. And so do the people. They love personal freedom, generosity, guiding and leading. If you take away the freedom of an Oak-born, he or she will wither, and the powers will be mislead in aggression.

The sign tends to be rather independent. They dont stand any restrictions or limits. As a result, their actions sometimes are full of arbitrariness. Nevertheless, they respect other peoples opinions and bring this policy to love. Oak is quite changeable: a sort of victim of new mashes that are mistakenly perceived to be "from now on and for ever". However, Oak can steady down in marriage with time.

People born under the sign of the Oak tree distinguish themselves by an enormous energy and a strong character. Their interest is always aimed at NOW. They normally have a strong personality, which they dont try to hide. Oak-tree-born like to be in the centre of attention, and try to avoid mediocrity. They love liberty, and they have great ideas and know how to realize them.

Oak-tree-born hate not to be first-rate. They always have to be number one. If pushed in the background, their qualities like positive energy could turn into exaggerated egoism and ruthlessness. They find it difficult to deal with criticism. Their enormous self-esteem is easily hurt.

Oak Man

Oaks are real men: strong, proud, brave and determined. They prefer words to action, and usually are successful in any matter. They are able to make good money, and strive for this, because they believe that the mans first duty is to provide his family with dignity. They can be sharp, but they do not go down to rudeness. In youth, the Oaks have numerous love connections; They have a kind of spell they consider each meeting as the last one, but many others follow it. But when they finally choose a companion of life, they turn out to be faithful, caring husbands. Women are valued without any special complaints, calm, practical, seasoned. But it is their "halves" who spend the holidays on the best resorts more often than others.

Oak Woman

Women of this sign from the category of feminists. The mind and character store are more likely than mens, they value independence very much, prefer to make their own decisions and always insist on their own. They are assertive and purposeful, often make a successful career. Purely feminine resourcefulness and flexibility are clearly not enough. However, they are intelligent and a sense of independence in others is also respected. In their home, such women are wonderful housewives, they like to work out housing. They are hospitable, and full of guests house is their usual business. But before marriage, like men, such women are prone to numerous "last attempts" to engage in serious relationships. Having married, they resolutely reject all this.

Love and Family

Oak-tree-born are passionate lovers. Their partners will have difficulties, if they want to be dominant. Oak trees want to be courted and admired. If they are provoked, they can easily have emotional outbursts.

Oak will be in the following days:

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