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22-th lunar day

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22-th lunar day: lunar horoscope

The symbol is the key, the "scroll (book)", the elephant of Ganesha (the son of Shiva, the patron of knowledge, wisdom) with a broken fang, a white elephant and a golden key to reveal secret knowledge, a scroll with letters. These symbols denote the wisdom gained by experience, the inviolability of the laws of nature, the secret knowledge, the world law, the information field. An elephant with a broken tusk (Ganesha's elephant) is a symbol of knowledge that comes through bitter experience, experienced trials, from which one can come out wise and strong.

Day of wisdom, secret knowledge, world law and inviolability. During this day, goals are achieved. He is also good for studying crafts, various sciences and knowledge of his roots. It is useful to meditate on this day, you can learn the future, show generosity, teach others, transfer your experience. It is advised to eat a lot on this lunar day.

During this period, you can also renew creatively and spiritually. Your colleagues and partners during this period will show altruism and unselfishness, and they will be honest with you. Sexual opportunities are increasing, and a sense of justice is exacerbated. Improve relations with partners, intuition will increase. It's still good to make an offer on these lunar days, to try to achieve agreement or success for something.

Love and relationships

The twenty-second lunar day is not in vain considered a day of wisdom and insight. Today, love can reveal something new about yourself, about the world, about other people. No meeting of this day will not be in vain, in all necessarily find some meaning. But remember that the twenty-second lunar day is considered an inappropriate time for starting any business, especially serious ones, which are of great importance for you. Therefore, it is not necessary, today, to marry and start a joint life. It promises a cheerful and pleasant holiday - a joint trip.


It is easy to cope with any chores around the house. Favorable day for selection and sorting of planting material, as well as for billets for future use.

Business and money

On the twenty-second lunar day, business trips and travel are very successful. A good day for work, great opportunity to solve all the tasks. But this day is unfavorable for trade. A very good day for writers, especially for poets. In addition to art, unexpected discoveries are possible in scientific fields today. Also a good day for philosophers, scientists and researchers. They can make a discovery on this day, which is of great importance for the practice of life. A good day for state registration and the opening of a private school or educational courses. The open courses of cutting and sewing, a circle of a soft toy or sawing with a jig saw will be a success. A great day for the development of crafts, folk crafts. In addition, this is a good day for communication and negotiation, because people today are not inclined to lie, evasions and pretense. On the contrary, they are ready to share their thoughts and help you unselfishly. On this day, you can make various proposals, seek agreement.


With regards to dreams a many-faced day. Dreams can also be just empty, which does not make sense to guess, and those that tell you where to move, in which direction to change. Since this lunar day of Ganesha is the God of knowledge, helping to overcome obstacles, then through sleep you can solve problems, get revelations, and new information, new knowledge. On this day before you go to bed, you can tune in to revelations in a dream or knowledge, you can ask something, ask a question. But do not forget to write everything down waking up, to extract the correct information.


Diseases that have begun on these lunar days can be dangerous, they can drag on or take a heavy toll with a risk to life. Can bring a person fears and complexes. Particular attention should be paid to the lumbosacral region, the lower part of the spine, it is impossible to load them today and perform medical manipulations on these areas. Not the best day for intensive physical training, it is generally better not to make sharp movements today. It is recommended to follow a diet, eat more plant foods and today you can even eat more, loading the stomach.


Haircut will attract to you the opportunity to purchase property, but you can recover, gain weight.


To people born on the 22nd lunar day, many secrets are available, they are carriers of wisdom. The task of birth is to increase spiritual knowledge to bear them to people, to become a defender of traditions. The long-liver. In old age have a clear mind. They often become philosophers.

Advice: avoid laziness and passivity.

Bathing in the bath

Try to steam on old grandfather recipes. Day for bath wonder.

Stones keepers

Amber, blue agate.

Conception of the child

The child, conceived on the 22nd lunar day, will become a sage and a seer. He will know a lot, in childhood he will not have problems with training, he will be able to perceive the newest information at any age. He will never stop learning. It will be a man of permanence and unshakable principles. He is friendly and pliable, diplomatic, but in matters concerning matters of principle, he is adamant and even stubborn. The person conceived on this day will often seek help, advice and advice. This is the best day for the birth of future astrologers. People will often turn to him for help.

Aromatherapy and home scents: Marjoram

This fragrance has the ability to quickly restore balance after intense stress, serious trouble, grief and loss. Elixir against fear. Eliminates anxiety, fatigue and insomnia. Marjoram eliminates the paralysis of the will. It saturates the energy field of the person with optimism, confidently goes forward and achieves the set goals calmly and quickly.


The twenty-second lunar day is an auspicious time for marriage, but the wedding must be with a large and plentiful meal, with unusual dishes and food.

The family created during this period will be strong, less obstacles will be encountered in its path than other families, but they will have to develop spiritually all the time, for as soon as the spouses become immersed in materiality to the detriment of spiritual advancement, such an alliance will immediately collapse. Therefore, it is recommended to marry on this lunar day only to those who have completely dedicated their lives to spiritual search.


The twenty-second lunar day is a favorable period for all types of purchases, but especially for the purchase of sweets and alcoholic beverages, particularly good wines and cognacs. Also, the day is suitable for the purchase of goods, one way or another related to the holiday - balloons, fireworks, wrapping paper, music discs, music centers, garlands, etc. In addition, now it's good to buy everything that has to do with spirituality and mysticism, sacred objects, beads, statuettes of the gods.


Divination, comprehension of secret knowledge, making protective amulets, any works of the waning moon. In this lunar day it is dangerous to put on amulets and talismans those symbols, the meanings of which you do not know.

Ask the oracle questions relating to the material side of life - wealth, career, etc. Also devote this time to studying ancient magical treatises and books, studying the Holy Scripture, mastering new techniques and expanding your knowledge in the field of magic.

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