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Gemini: zodiac lunar horoscope

The brightest stars included in this constellation, the Greeks gave the names of the twin Dioscuri brothers, Castor and Pollux (or in Greek, Polydeuces), in honor of the sons of Zeus (from the beautiful Leda, whom the lord of the gods seduced in the guise of a swan). When Castor died, Pollux appealed to Zeus with a request to deprive him of his immortality. Zeus settled both brothers in heaven. The symbol of the Gemini sign schematically represents the joined hands of the Dioscuri brothers. Sometimes Romulus and Remus, two brothers considered to be the founders of Rome, are also called as the mythological basis of the astrological concept of Gemini. The channels of space exposure on those born under this sign recognize the shoulders, arms and lungs.

The indefatigable moon - this is what they call an earthly satellite during its stay in Gemini, and this is manifested in all areas of human life. The moon in the zodiac sign Gemini is in the air element under the auspices of the God of trade and sciences of Mercury. As Gemini is light and changeable, so these lunar days are superficial and airy. It can be very difficult to focus on one thing during this period - the energy of the night body makes you distracted by another task.

When the Moon is in Gemini

The Moon is always moving which means that even if you were born with the Moon in another sign, we are all honorary Geminis once a month. When the Moon is moving through Gemini, regardless of how we normally feel, we may be a little bit more scattered during this time. Astrologers would categorize the Gemini Moon personality as easily distracted - its hard to focus when theres always something else that could use our attention.

Every separate event seems like the most significant one, yet each one takes its turn in the spotlight and then quickly fades away. Take advantage of the Gemini Moons mutable atmosphere by changing your mind about something, or seeing another side of an issue youve been stuck on.

In this days we are incredibly active. However, in the same time there may be increased suggestibility, susceptibility to various influences. Therefore, there is a danger to follow a fleeting impulse and to go astray and make many mistakes. In these days people are making the unnecessary purchases, spend their time in the useless communication and visiting unnecessary places, then they are unable to understand: "What was it exactly, that brought me there?"

In the days of Gemini we feel the urgent need to communicate, and we want to contact with as much people as possible. Therefore, in these days people are particularly happy to get acquainted with the others. Later it turns out that half of these acquaintances we do not really need.

Emotional sensitivity is growing in the days of Gemini, we react on everything excessively, but these emotions are superficial, it's not likely, that they are more or less serious. We are scattered, it is easy in this days to cling to all things at once, and then as easily leave them unfinished.

In these days it is good to be on the road, take short trips or just walk around the town to meet the need for changing experiences. The main thing - do not sit still and do not be alone. It is good to go and meet some friends and relatives.

Born with the Moon in Gemini

With the Moon in Gemini, individuals are charming, witty and spontaneous. They show mental excellence and are very prompt in their response to situations, which is most often verbal in nature. They are very sociable people and it is a fun to remain in their company. Such individuals display erratic tendencies in their moods, making their actions totally unpredictable. Their mood can swift drastically with just a blink of an eye, from ecstasy to agony, such is their unpredictable nature. Gemini-born are good at multi tasking and are versatile in nature. When encountered with numerous tasks, instead of deciding to complete the tasks based on their priority levels, they are inclined to start all of the tasks at the same time. Whether they would be able to complete the given tasks successfully or not, hardly matters to them. Even if their knowledge is shallow and limited, these individuals tend to be well informed at all times. These amazing individuals are curious and speculative about everything and would like to try their hand in every activity. Additionally, they have an inclination of acting even before they have thought over it, and need a lot of stimulation to keep their interest in any particular thing.

With the Moon in Gemini, individuals are most often interesting and fascinating in nature and conversation. They are continuously active in one task or another. Often unpredictable in nature, these individuals cant stick to a routine pattern of tasks as they easily get bored. They like spontaneity and take up tasks at the spur of the moment. These people are talented and have a great imagination that knows no limits. They are always sociable and friendly and most often have a way with words, both written and verbal. They always need someone to whom they can express their feelings easily, and in the process satisfy their everlasting curiosity. These people like change and look for variety in every form. They are very adjustable in nature and can adapt to any situation or changing circumstances effectively, be it in their career, business or personal lives.

With the Moon in Gemini, individuals often display some form of restlessness and are always on the tenterhooks. Often, such individuals have their mind operating overtime and they are inclined to study things and settings in an intellectual manner without offering much attention to their intuition and feelings. Due to this, most often they might suffer from an emotional conflict which makes them feel nervous and impatient, which also makes them separated from their surroundings. As far as relationships are concerned, these individuals not only require physical stimulation, but they also require intellectual stimulation from their partners. In the absence of this quality, it can make them idle and lazy quite easily. Because of their restless nature, they are extremely prone to create worrisome thought patterns, which make them constantly nervous. This severely impacts their nervous energy and might make them prone to health problems.

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