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Vulture: mayan horoscope

Name: AJMAC / Cib.

Meaning: Vulture, Owl, Wisdom.

Element: Fire.

Direction: South.

Compatibility: Vulture, Sun, Lizard, Star, Road.

In the Maya calendar, the Vulture (Cib) is a sign of "karmic cleansing". The meaning of the sign is an owl, a helmsman, a patron deity-the Owl. Cib translates as "wax", most likely, is meant beeswax. In Maya myths, there are four divine figures, outwardly resembling giant bees. The headdress of the deities, represented in the form of shells, indicates a connection with the underworld. According to the ancient Maya, the souls of deceased people sometimes visit the land in the form of butterflies or bees. It is believed that souls on special days come to people to send death and disease. Therefore, the Indians gave this day to a vulture, who leaves the heavens to become full of carrion. At the same time, it cleans the space, so the sign of the Vulture symbolizes forgiveness, liberation from sins.

Vulture Character by Mayan Horoscope

According to the Mayan horoscope, the people of the Vulture sign are characterized as complex natures. They have high intelligence, ability to think soberly and coolly. But vulnerable and suspicious people are subject to momentary influence of feelings. They do not know how to hide thoughts and emotions, express their opinion directly. Straightness, combined with vulnerability, often adversely affects the fate of the person of this day. She feels the need to get to the bottom of the matter, constantly thinking about the topic of "good and evil." He tries to avoid unpleasant situations, does not like lying people, tries to catch them by deceit. Often so zealous in the desire to prove his case, which repels himself from even the closest people.

According to the horoscope of the career people sign Vulture — successful businessmen, talented leaders. But only if they listen to the voice of reason. Usually they go about their feelings and emotions, choose the profession related to creativity: an artist, a writer, a musician. Here they can express all their inner experiences, plenty of discussion on the topic of morality. Nature has given people of this day a sharp mind, prudence, they manage to successfully solve the most difficult financial issues. Therefore, the best application of their abilities will be found in the spheres of activity related to business, and creative hobbies can be left for leisure.

On the love horoscope the man of the sign is a proud, independent person. Despite his sensitivity, he does not give in to the charms of the chosen one, he does not want to obey him. Desperately fighting for his personal freedom, believes that even close people have no right to influence his life. Therefore, in relations with the opposite sex very often experiencing insurmountable difficulties. Does not differ in fidelity, allows short-term connections on the side. Can surround a loved one with care and love, the only requirement for a partner is not to make claims, not to try to prove their superiority.

Vulture Man

According to the Mayan horoscope the man of the sign is a strong man, confident in his rightness. Is able to take quick, and most importantly — right decisions. People should respect his opinion, at least keep their doubts to themselves. Too violently responds to criticism, can flare up, say superfluous, in rare cases even hit. Therefore, in communicating with the representative of this sign it is reasonable to show calmness and restraint.

Vulture Woman

Woman of Vulture sign will not sacrifice their interests for the sake of men. According to the horoscope of compatibility it is suitable for a strong, intelligent partner who knows how to earn money. But in personal relationships, the elect must give in to her desires. Only in this case a successful union is possible. The woman of this day loves her children, take care of them. Often she is a mother of many children, but this does not mean that she completely forgets her interests. Personal hobbies for her always stand in the first place.

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