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Aquarius: zodiac lunar horoscope

The symbol of a person pouring water from a vessel is found in cultures of various nations. This is one of the oldest symbols known to mankind since time immemorial. Aquarius was associated by early civilizations with the rainy season. The origin of the wavy lines is most likely related to Egypt. For the Egyptians, a similar drawing served as a symbol of the flow of water, possibly the course of the sacred river Nile. Elements and celestial bodies affect the fate of a person born under the sign of Aquarius through his elbows, calves and blood.

Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, according to astrologers, has the most eccentric behavior of all the planets of the solar system, for example, its axis is deviated from the plane of its orbit by an angle of 98 degrees, it seems to lie on its side. The features of Uranus that distinguish it from other planets are well suited to describe many representatives of the sign of Aquarius.

The moon, located in the zodiac sign Aquarius, is called Benevolent. She resides in the house of Uranus, on the throne of Neptune. The God of freedom and change, together with the mystical influence of the patron of the arts, under the influence of the elements of the Air, as a whole, has a positive effect on a person, but only on condition that he correctly takes advantage of the opportunities available and will be careful in his statements.

When the Moon is in Aquarius

Regardless of what your sign is, for a couple of days each month we all get drawn into the influence of the Aquarius Moon. This is the time when were more inclined to march to the beat of our own drum. Aquarius is anything but cookie-cutter, and this lunation will have us trying to figure out what it is that makes us unique so that we can share it with the world.

Aquarians are social butterflies, making friends and influencing people wherever they go. This isnt surprising considering Aquarius rules the 11th House of Friendships! When the Moon moves into this gregarious sign, youll feel the urge to call your friends, make plans, and get out and interact with those around you.

The Aquarius Moon could also have you feeling a little but more rebellious and spontaneous than usual. You may crave freedom and a distraction from your everyday life. If youve been feeling stuck in a rut, this is when youll decide to change up your routine or break old habits.

In the days of Aquarius we want more internal freedom and emancipation. Emotions come alive, they begin to manifest themselves openly and freely. At this point we can not bear the slightest pressure on ourselves. Internal independence - that's what becomes the main value for us. Now we want to pamper ourselves - buy an extra bottle of perfume or something tasty. And we can easily allow ourselves to do it. We want something new, we can easily commit the unexpected actions of some people, in the days of Aquarius we can expect from the others all sorts of quirks. The main thing these days - not to indulge in anarchy, not to shock people around, trying to assert yourself in your own eyes and wanting to show everyone your freedom and independence.

In the days of Aquarius all kinds of reforms are working well, all kinds of experiments and the riskiest projects will go smoothly. Successfully will be implemented all kinds of unexpected ideas and innovations. So it is possible to risk - the risk is justified now. Some people may have a good luck in gambling and lotteries. In these days it is better to see as much people as possible, spend time with friends, colleagues and relatives - a quiet time-spending at home will only make you bored and tired.

Born with the Moon in Aquarius

With the moon in Aquarius, Individuals are keen observers. These individuals are interested in studying about human behaviour and why do people act in a particular way. Nonetheless, they themselves are typically shy in nature and often seem to be isolated from their surroundings. There seems to be a contradiction in their nature. No doubt, they have a great capability to make friendships and also have many friends, but deep inside, when they are in their own elements, they prefer to be alone and spend time on their own. These individuals possess a strong ego and it is not in their very nature to mingle with other people. They prefer to be very different from other people in every way. These individuals typically lose the track of their own emotions and feelings, but normally they display great tact in understanding the feelings and emotions of others. This occurs as they get too much engaged in what they want to achieve in life rather than being in touch with the reality. These individuals always expect to be accepted as they are, along with their eccentricities, which is very tough for the ordinary mortal.

With the moon in Aquarius, individuals have a magnetic personality and are very attractive. These individuals may regard themselves to be over the common human follies of jealousy, possessiveness and the kind. They can be idealistic and progressive in nature. While this may be true, it also makes them distant and aloof from others. With the moon in Aquarius, individuals are extremely considerate and compassionate. An Aquarius-born shall be the first one to lend a helping hand to someone in great need, and they do it without expecting anything back. They give a lot of freedom to their partners, and this pretty much says about their inner strength and confidence lev. el. They usually attract a lot of friends due to their optimism and friendliness. Aquarius-born individuals are intense and intuitive people who are born intellectuals. They value their freedom much not only on a personal level, but in a wider sense. For a cause that they believe in, they work with a greater passion and effort. They display a great sense of humour, and are typically playful and childlike in nature when they are in their elements. They like to imagine and visualise and therefore they are great dreamers. Faithful and trustworthy as they are, they have an unusual charm that others can't resist.

With the moon in Aquarius, individuals are inclined to remain distant and aloof from others. True, these individuals have many friends, but in reality, they never allow anyone to get near to them and so they always keep a good distance from others. They are smart in creating an invisible barrier between them and others, which others find very tough to cross. These individuals also display the quality of being very stubborn about getting their way. They may also be prone to temper tantrums and become unpredictable. At times, these individuals are inclined to be extremely unreliable about the details and may appear as if they are in their own dream world. Additionally, they won't take criticism liberally and this impacts them adversely. As described earlier, even in the matters of relationship, these individuals appear to be isolated and don't express their emotions openly to the peril of their partner.

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