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Wednesday: horoscope by days of the week

Wednesday is the day of the week between Tuesday and Thursday. According to the international standard ISO 8601, this is the third day of the week, although in some traditions (Abrahamic religions) it is the fourth.

Ancient Christians gathered on Wednesdays in temples for public worship. Saint Ambrose refers to Wednesday and Friday as the days of standing (dies stationum), as the first Christians called fasting, combined with prayer. The Orthodox Church observes on Wednesday (as well as Friday) fasting (with the exception of several festive and non-holy periods throughout the year). Fasting on Wednesday and Friday entails abstinence from meat, poultry and dairy products. For Orthodox fasting on Wednesdays marks the memory of the betrayal by Judas of Jesus Christ. The anthems in Oktoikha reflect this liturgically. The last Wednesday before Easter is called the Great Wednesday.

The time of Mercury - Wednesday, is under the auspices of Budhi - the god of wisdom, writing and commerce. The ancient Egyptians called him Hermes - the keeper of secret knowledge, enlightener and enlightened. In the tradition of ancient Rome, Mercury is a divine messenger and mediator between gods and people.

Metal: mercury;
Chakra: vishuddha - throat (thyroid gland);
Stones: lapis lazuli, agate;
Color: green;
Plant: daffodil;
Incense: jasmine, lavender, nutmeg;
Symbol: caduceus;
Element: air and earth.

How to behave on this day

Movable Mercury controls the environment, the planet is changeable, endowing us with cunning, dexterity, talkativeness. Mercury is a fidget, he loves everything new, especially the latest news, so on Wednesday its hard to stay in one place, its hard to live without communication, without gossip and news. The clever, cunning Mercury will help you to catch luck on Wednesday by gambling, using tricky tricks in your work. On Wednesday its easier to outwit a person, and if you have already used all the means to achieve the goal, try to resort to tricks on Wednesday. However, look so that they do not outwit you, because even the most honest people on Wednesday can remember the tricks and not disdain them.

It is mobility and communication that will bring success on the day of Mercury. If you want someone to pay attention to you on this day, want to please others, tell them more recent news, tell all sorts of stories, especially about changes in your life or the lives of other people, talk about how you like to visit and walk. If you are afraid that one of your friends will forget about your existence, reminding him of himself is also better on Wednesday.

Mercury belongs to the air element, and therefore, it is an easy planet, so no matter what you do on Wednesday, it is better to do it with ease. Lightness in everything is the motto of this day. If you want to get to know someone, do not invent long speeches about your virtues, say "hello" to a person, and "hello" and do not force others to call themselves middle names, because Mercury is a planet of youth, and middle name is the lot of middle and older age . Any impending conflict on Wednesday can be smoothed out with the phrase "Trifles, an everyday matter".

On the lightest day of the week, complexes, emotions, and mental severity of people are especially visible. They seem to hurt the eyes, contrast against the general background of the Mercury lightness of this day. And if you do not want others to know about your psychological problems, carefully mask your bad mood on Wednesday. You will disappoint your friends and relatives if you speak to them on Wednesday about painful things that worry you, oppress you. Nobody wants to listen to such speeches, and if they listen, they will quickly forget, calling you a bore.

Mercury is a fickle planet, giving the ability to quickly change mood, so its not worth promising or believing promises on Wednesday. On Wednesday, people often speak without hesitation, without giving meaning to the words and do not remember their words. And even if the boss promises you a salary increase on Wednesday, he may just forget about it. On Wednesday, you should not try to put serious knowledge into your children, instruct them, talk with anyone about important things, and utter thoughtful phrases. On this day, in the literal sense of the word, words fly into one ear, and fly out through the other. On Wednesday, its better to laugh more, to joke, because Mercury gives us a sense of humor, then there will be a feeling that you lived the day right. A joke on Wednesday can be used as a way to achieve a goal and as a way of reconciliation.

Verbiage can be called one of the sins of the environment, because Mercury is the planet of the word, and the lightness of this planet gives an easy attitude to words, the ability to speak without stopping about everything in the world. The second sin of the environment, relating to the seven deadly sins, is fornication, because Mercury gives a craving for a new, unknown, gives a desire for freedom, free relationships, eliminates a sense of duty. On Wednesday, it is especially important to monitor your words so as not to get used to talking a lot and about nothing, so as not to become verbiage. It is important not to allow thoughts about cheating on your spouse, about relationships outside of marriage.

The intellectual abilities of a person are connected with Mercury, therefore, by attracting the energy of Mercury into our lives, we improve our mental abilities: memory, ingenuity, and the ability to perceive new knowledge. Mercury is a planet of communications, relationships with friends, ease, and the more Mercury energy we bring to our environment on Wednesday, the easier it will be for us to find a common language with a variety of people, the more friends we will have, the more easy we will become. To attract the energy of Mercury, you need to engage in Mercury affairs on Wednesday: read any literature, newspapers, magazines, watch and listen to educational programs on radio and television, start learning something new, do not sit long in one place, move more, walk, talk with any people. Mercury clothing also contributes to the attraction of Mercury energy: from light, easily draping fabrics of light green, light green or variegated.

Born on this day

Born on the day ruled by Mercury, the Wednesday born are restless individuals who question everything in life. These are highly communicative persons who possess versatile capabilities. They are often unreliable and careless in their approach to life. They are highly active and keep moving around. They are great learners and take an active interest in knowing anything and everything.

People Born On Wednesday in Personality. People born on Wednesday are analytical thinkers. For them, their immediate environment is the most important priority in life. They are very keen to build a close tie and bond with siblings and neighbours. You can think deeply and quickly and come out with smart ideas to tackle any challenge. You are a master in communicating and hence can convince anyone with your powerful persuasive talk. However, your downside is your talkative nature that can often project you as a flamboyant person. Your lucky number is number five. Use this number to bag good luck and success. Engage in prayers and charities on Wednesdays to reap positive results.

People Born On Wednesday in Career. The Wednesday born are highly logical minded. You will shine well in those careers that involve mathematical abilities and scientific approach. Curiosity was born with you and hence you always love to explore everything around you. You will love travels, meeting with new people and undergoing new experiences. To find fulfilment in your career, choose a vocation that will provide an opportunity to make use of your intelligence. You must always strive to stay organized with regard to your thoughts to bag success. Avoid distractions and engage in meditation and yoga to maximize your potentials and bag success.

People Born On Wednesday in Love. Being born on Wednesday, you have strong communication skills. When you journey together with your loved one, you very well know how to deal with some tricky situations and avoid all kinds of disputes before they erupt or grow worse. You are an easy going person and can connect with people without any difficulties whatsoever. You do not have too many demands from the lover you choose to go with. You accept people as they are and make forgive their faults very easily without taking them to heart. Hence you will make a wonderful lover to your love partner.

People Born On Wednesday in Marriage. You are often careless when it comes to maintaining relationships. Sometimes your dualistic personality and inclinations in life come to the surface making your life partner feel you are unreliable. Hence you must give importance to what they feel and change your ways accordingly to find a happy going in family life. Use your strong communication skills to create a good bonding with your spouse. At the same time, control your talkative nature to avoid conflicts and arguments that can taint the relationships. Line up your priorities and attend to the domestic needs of your partner in order to find a happy married life.

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